Dear MHS Music Students and Families,
Welcome to the Music Department at Maynard High School!  I’m so looking forward to the upcoming year-we have a lot to look forward to!  After an amazing year, culminating in high gold for the chorus and platinum (near perfect score) for the band in the New England competition, this year will be just as exciting with our upcoming Disney trip in April! This note is to help you know where to navigate to find the resources you’ll need through the year.
-for info on the Disney Trip (and we sure are looking forward to having everyone get to perform in Disney and learn at the Disney workshops-what a once in a lifetime experience!)  go to the MHS website. Scroll down until you see a list of links. Click on “2017 Band/Chorus Disney Trip” and you’ll find all the forms and info. you need.
for general music information such as dates/calendar, uniform needs, lesson teachers (contact them quickly/early so you get a good time-they are beyond fabulous-we are SO lucky to have them come to MHS to teach our talented students!!), go to
You can also find it via the MHS website, scroll down to the list of links, and you’ll see Maynard Music Association.
for leaders-officers and section leaders-please plan on attending the leadership meeting in the music room on Monday, August 29th, 2:30-3:45.  Please also plan to attend the chorus orientation on Wed. if you’re a chorus leader/officer.
-for students new to the HS band (8th grade and anyone new to the district), we will have orientation for you during band the first day
for students new to the HS choruses (8th grade and anyone new to the district or who is in chorus for the first time this year), we will have orientation from 2:15-2:40 Wednesday, August 31st. (this will make sure all those in soccer can get to your scrimmages in time)
–for all music students, the bbq for music, sports and wavm is Tuesday, August 30th at 6:15 in the front patio. Please come and enjoy seeing your friends, meeting some new ones, and having a great bbq. There will be info available on the MMA (Maynard Music Association) table including calendars for the year, sweatshirt orders, etc.
Hope this is helpful to you all and hope that you enjoy the last weeks of summer. Get out those horns, sing at the top of your lungs, and get ready for a phenomenal year!
Mrs. Blanchard
Director of Music, MHS